Influence the Future of Mobility

Join the Founders Club

The freedom to drive or fly begins with joining the ASKA Founders Club and placing a $5,000 deposit to secure your position on the timeshare members list. The deposit is held in a secure escrow account and is fully refundable after one year. The Founders Club is a dynamic community for sharing ideas, learning about new technology innovations, and exploring potential business opportunities in the rapidly emerging air mobility sector.  Members are pre-order customers and ASKA On The Fly™ members. The Founders Club meets every 3-5 months,  online or during special events at the ASKA showroom.


Founders Club members have the option to choose whether they wish to pre-order ASKA™ for direct ownership at a price of $789,000 (with optional financing) or to join a timeshare to use the ASKA On The Fly™ services. Pre-order and ASKA™ On The Fly customers will be granted the option to receive one share in the capital stock of ASKA if eligibility requirements are met to comply with securities laws.

ASKA™ On The Fly Timeshare Service

A flexible and super-easy way to drive & fly

ASKA™ On The Fly is an attractive option if you are excited about ASKA™ and want to be a part of air mobility, but are not yet ready for full ownership. This service lets you choose how much you want to use the ASKA™ electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) drive and fly vehicle for consumers. You benefit from a flexible and cost-effective way to enjoy the use of ASKA™. ASKA™ is targeted for delivery in 2026 subject to standard regulatory approval and certification. The timeshare service is now accepting applications (a limited number of customers in the first few years of production).


ASKA™ On The Fly App at your service!

Our application makes it easy to schedule when you want to use ASKA™. Connect to web-based center with 24-hour access to information/assistance. Choose between VIP delivery of ASKA™ to your home/office or pickup at a central location. We ensure that your ASKA™ is clean, serviced and ready to go! Need extra time with ASKA™? Use the app to book more time (over-time charges will apply). Please contact us to get started!