Lead Flight Control Engineer


NFT is based in Mountain View, CA and developer of the ASKA™ – the first viable Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing vehicle (eVTOL) in the world with drive and fly capabilities, providing door to door transport for daily commuters and designed with a reasonable cost factor. The ASKA has both vertical and short takeoff and landing capabilities (VTOL and STOL).


We’re looking for a Lead Flight Control Engineer who loves challenges and wants to be an active member of our engineering team in Mountain View.


ASKA is on an exciting journey skyward – NFT has signed a five-year Space Act Agreement  with NASA to advance our participation in NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign (previously called the Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge), jointly organized with the FAA. Join us and you'll be an active influencer in designing Urban Air Mobility solutions that address the transportation challenges in today’s world!


For the right candidate, we're open to discussing how this could be a remote position.

  • Must have minimum 5 years work experience in flight control engineering

  • Sorry no students or graduate students

  • Candidates must be authorized to work in the US, we cannot offer relocation or visas.

This position will require the candidate to do design, development, analysis and testing of flight control for the ASKA™ drive and fly vehicle. The engineer will work in all areas of the system development cycle including detail design, integration, flight testing and certification efforts.



  • Develop flight control and navigation algorithms including linear analysis and non-linear analysis, develop design and analysis tools, and conduct mathematical modeling.

  • Develop mathematical modeling and six-DOF simulation of flight vehicle dynamics.

  • Perform navigation and control system analysis and optimization, perform simulation development and validation.

  • Execute flight data analysis, develop documentation of all facets of work performed, develop flight test plans, and provide flight test support.

  • Troubleshoot navigation and flight control anomalies via flight data analysis, correlation with flight software operation and generating corrective actions.

  • Knowledge of flight control and navigation sensor systems, and perform analysis in connection with these systems.

  • Create and review Certification Plans, Qualification Test Procedures and Qualification Test Reports.

  • Review qualification by similarity and/or analysis reports.

  • Review system safety documents (PSSA, SFHA, AFHA, SSA and Particular Risk Analysis).

  • Create, review and approve ground test procedures, flight test procedures and their corresponding test reports.

Responsible for Flight Testing Activities:

  • Determine test specification definition.

  • Discuss, write and review test plans and preparation activities with the engineering team.

  • Prepare and review pre- and post-flight briefings.

  • Monitor live flight data, typically via telemetry, during flight test on aircraft.

  • Process, analyze, and draw conclusions from post flight data.

  • Identify non-conformances, quality escapes, etc. to create rejection tags.

  • Make assessments to ensure safety of flight determination.

  • Write flight test results reports.

Flight Sciences:

  • Expertise in area of stability & control and aircraft handling characteristics.

  • Plan, execute and analyze Wind Tunnel Activities.

Required Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of work experience as a Flight Control Engineer

  • Proficient in software such as C++, MATLAB, Python

  • Hands-on experience applying classical and modern control theory to an autonomous system

  • Extensive knowledge of aircraft flight testing

  • High proficiency in aerodynamics, aircraft performance and flight controls

  • Proficiency in 3D cut software, Solidworks and NX

  • Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical, Mechanical, or Aerospace Engineering

  • Extensive knowledge of AI integration into Flight Control.

Create future technology with us!

 Motivated and qualified applicants only - please share examples of previous projects.


            • Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States.


To apply, please send your CV and examples of relevant projects to: info (at) askafly.com