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ASKA™ On The Fly timeshare service launches

ASKA announces the ASKA™ On The Fly timeshare service for the ASKA™electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle designed for consumers. ASKA™ On The Fly offers a flexible and super-easy way to drive & fly (open to a limited number of customers in the first few years of production) and gives people the freedom to choose when they want to drive and fly.

The freedom to drive or fly begins with joining the ASKA Founders Club, a dynamic community that will share ideas, learn about new technology innovations, and explore potential business opportunities in the rapidly emerging air mobility sector. The members are pre-order customers and ASKA™ On The Fly members. Founders Club members meet every 3-5 months, either online or during special events at the ASKA showroom.

People interested in joining the Founders Club can register at our site and place a $5000 deposit to start the sales process. This deposit secures their place on the ASKA™ On The Fly services or the pre-order list. The deposit will be held in an escrow account and is fully refundable after one year.

ASKA™ On The Fly's online reservation process will make it easy to reserve ASKA™ and a web-based support center will provide 24-hour access to booking information. Customers will have a choice of using VIP service to deliver ASKA™ to their home or they can go to a central location to pick up the vehicle. A servicing team handles the cleaning and maintenance so ASKA™ is ready to go.