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CES 2020 - it's a wrap! NFT demos two flight and transport innovations

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

During CES 2020, January 7-10th in Las Vegas, NV, NFT Inc. presented two technological innovations aimed at revolutionizing flight and transportation. Thanks to everyone who visited our stand!

We demonstrated a concept model of the ASKA™ – the first viable Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing vehicle (eVTOL) with drive and fly capabilities, designed with a reasonable cost factor, and a hybrid system. The ASKA has both vertical and short takeoff and landing capabilities (VTOL and STOL).

Visitors also had the opportunity to try a working flight simulator to see our new AI Sensor Fusion Platform that will enable 360-degree real-time intruder detection (other aircraft, drones, birds…), optimized by Artificial Intelligence. This technology is the foundation for a full autonomous flight system in the future.

The 4-seater ASKA™ eVTOL drive and fly vehicle is a premium commuter vehicle offering Door-to-Door service. The ASKA can alleviate the problem of traffic congestion in and out of cities by giving people the freedom to live in distant outlying areas, with a decreased cost of living and a high quality of life, but easily commute to major urban areas in less than an hour.

Did you miss the opportunity to meet NFT at the show? Please contact us at info (@) for more information.

Guy Kaplinsky, Chairman | Cofounder