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NFT signs Space Act Agreement with NASA

Updated: May 21, 2020

We’re excited to announce that NFT Inc. has signed a five-year Space Act Agreement with NASA to advance our participation in NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign (previously called the Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge),jointly organized with the FAA. NASA’s AAM brings together 17 companies intending to develop and/or operate air vehicles or airspace management services within the larger Urban Air Mobility ecosystem. NFT’s collaboration in Vehicle Provider Information Exchange marks the first step in a multi-stage process for possible flight activities in the Challenge’s official competition in 2022.

We will collaborate with the NASA/FAA in the Vehicle Provide Information Exchange on the ASKA™ – the first viable Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing vehicle (eVTOL) in the world with drive and fly capabilities, providing door to door transport for daily commuters and designed with a reasonable cost factor. The ASKA has both vertical and short takeoff and landing capabilities (VTOL and STOL).

"This is an important milestone for NFT and recognition of the great potential of the ASKA drive and fly vehicle with its VTOL and STOL capabilities," says Maki Kaplinsky, CEO | Cofounder. "Our approach to drive and fly is to make UAM safe to use, available and affordable to daily commuters. We look forward to contributing great value in shaping UAM together with NASA and the FAA."

The ASKA advantage

The agreement is a positive indicator that ASKA offers a unique advantage towards UAM adoption. Here’s why…

  • ASKA is safe to operate and offers the ability to both drive and fly. Passengers can be picked up in a safe location (street/home) and don’t need to walk around an airfield.

  • Our drive & fly approach means no special terminal, parking space or charging station is needed. ASKA can takeoff and land in a low-cost infrastructure vertipod (65x65 ft) and utilize existing infrastructures (parking, electric charging and fueling, etc.).

  • ASKA offers a door to door commute for daily users, increasing the demand for large volumes of vehicles to be manufactured.

"This high demand will attract the automotive industry and mass production suppliers, eventually reducing the cost of ASKA and AAM to make it affordable and available to ordinary commuters," comments Guy Kaplinsky, Chairman | Cofounder.