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Successful debut of full-scale, functional prototype of ASKA™ A5 at CES 2023

ASKA flying car at CES Las Vegas 2023 Aska evtol

The full-scale, functional prototype of ASKA™ A5, the world’s first drive and fly eVTOL, made a successful debut at CES Las Vegas January 5-8th, 2023. ASKA™ A5 attracted a high volume of visitors to the stand, including interviews from US and international media in television and business, technology and finance publications.

The innovative technology and design of ASKA™ 5 was officially recognized with several “Best of CES” awards.

Yanko Design:

We would like to clarify some inaccuracies that appeared in news reports of ASKA™ A5:

"ASKA will get FAA certification within one month.”

The correct statement is that we anticipate FAA approval of an experimental permit to fly the prototype of ASKA™ A5.

"It can be charged at home or conventional EV stations and its gas engine, which can provide additional 50 miles of range, is powered by premium gasoline."

The correct information: ASKA™ A5 is powered by lithium ion batteries and a range extender that uses premium gasoline. ASKA™ A5 can be charged at home or conventional EV stations, which brings total range to 250 miles.

Here’s a sampling of the extensive media coverage of ASKA™ A5.

Wall Street Journal

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