ASKA™ drive and fly vehicle has been developed to give people transportation that provides better quality of life, reasonable cost of living and more time with family. Guy and Maki Kaplinsky are the founders of NFT and their vision is to enable families to live in a quality environment outside high-density urban areas, but have easy accessibility to the city center. They have developed ASKA™ for a new form of multi-points to multi-points transportation that requires only minimal infrastructure investment.


ASKA™ provides a commuting experience that goes far beyond the range of what today’s transportation with cars allows. People can live 30-100 miles outside a city, yet easily commute to the city center in less than 30 minutes, door-to-door. This will make the future cities affordable and outlying suburbs thrive.


With ASKA™, you can drive, fly and drive till your final destination. There’s no need to take your car to an air terminal, wait for an air taxi, then search for transport to your final destination. View a short demo here

Read a short overview of the founders' inspiration for the ASKA™. 

Huge Market Potential

ASKA™ has tremendous mass-market potential with the option of an ownership or subscription-based model. ASKA™ opens the door for automotive players to be actively involved in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) with their capacity for high quality and mass production. 

Affordable Mass Production

ASKA™ aims to lead the future of the automotive market that is looking for their next big things. Designed for automotive mass production, ASKA™ offers traditional automakers a new value-added opportunity and a pathway to economic revival. We are actively seeking automotive partners to further develop and produce ASKA™.