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ASKA™ A5 — Roadable Electric Hybrid VTOL
Aerodynamic 4-seater Electric Hybrid VTOL
designed for maximum safety standards and a 250-mile flight range
Safe & Scalable

Drive & Fly Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) solution to revolutionize the way we get around using both the road and the air


Full electric system with range extender (lithium ion batteries + engine)

Roadworthy and size of a SUV in drive mode


Flight range up to 250 miles


VTOL - Vertical Takeoff and Landing


Flight speed up to 150 mph


STOL - Short Takeoff and Landing

6+ years in development

 ASKA 5 is a flying car - a drive and fly eVTOL
Aerodynamic Design
Both the characteristics of a Rotorcraft and an Airplane
Designed For The Highest Level Of Safety

World's first flying car to start the type certification process with the FAA as a drive and fly eVTOL.

Our full scale prototype has received FAA Special Airworthiness Certification for flight testing.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Dual Energy

Supply Sources

ASKA™ A5 is equipped with both batteries and an engine as range extender

Large Aerodynamic Wings

Optimized for safe landings and reduced energy consumption, also enables  ASKA™ A5 to glide


Motor Systems

Designed for optimal flight and security, each motor has an independent battery power source

Sufficient Reserve

Flight time

Thanks to our electric hybrid propulsion system, we can ensure sufficient reserve fuel and flight time



Ballistic parachute for extra safety to save the aircraft and passengers



ASKA™ A5 is boarded like a car, at home, in a garage or on the street, not on a busy airfield

in-wheel motor of a flying car
In-Wheel Motor

The ASKA™ A5 flying car delivers an exceptional performance experience with its in-wheel motor technology on the road.  

With this technology, the wheels can be placed outside the fuselage, enabling better aerodynamics, and creating additional interior space to comfortably seat 4 passengers. It provides a high driving position, similar to an SUV, enabling the driver to have excellent visibility, and facilitates adequate ground clearance for Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) mode. 

Uses Today's

Seamless to integrate in cities and outlying communities: ASKA™ A5 can be parked in existing parking spaces and charged at home or in EV charging stations. Does not require investment in electrification, parking and terminals. Range extender engine uses premium gas and can be filled at local automotive gas stations.

Door To Door

Drive, fly and then drive to the final destination in one vehicle - uninterrupted.
No need to take a car to an air terminal, park, wait for an air taxi, then search for transport to complete the journey. ASKA™ A5 needs only a compact vertistop or can use existing airfields.  

Traffic light ASKA.jpg
Certification as
Street-legal eVTOL

ASKA™ A5's development, drive and flight testings are being conducted in accordance with FAA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines for certification.

ASKA is the world's first company to start the type certification process with the FAA as a drive & fly eVTOL.

Our full scale prototype was awarded the Special Airworthiness Certification by the FAA.

We signed a five-year Space Act Agreement with NASA to advance their participation in NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign (AAM), jointly organized with the FAA. 

Pre-order Your

As a pre-order customer you will become a member of the ASKA™ Founders Club, a dynamic community of people who share our passion for air mobility.

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