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Join The Founders Club

The freedom to drive or fly begins with joining the ASKA Founders Club and placing a $5,000 deposit to secure your position on the pre-order list. The deposit is held in a secure escrow account and is fully refundable after one year.

The Founders Club members are pre-order customers of ASKA™ A5 and join a dynamic community for sharing ideas, learning about new technology innovations, and exploring potential business opportunities in the rapidly emerging air mobility sector.  
Founders Club members can pre-order ASKA™ A5 for direct ownership at a price of $789,000 (with optional financing) or use the vehicle in the ASKA On-Demand ride service.

Pre-order customers will be granted the option to receive one share in the capital stock of ASKA if eligibility requirements are met to comply with securities laws.

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ASKA - Mountain View CA aviation company


Limited-Edition Pricing

Signature Model $789K

Deposit $5,000 into a secure escrow account, fully refundable after one year in case of cancellation

Pre-orders receive 1 option share equity in our company if eligibility requirements are met to comply with securities laws.


VIP services included in pricing:

Pilot licence training

Personalized license plate

Customized interior & exterior design

Invitation to special events

Membership in Founders Club

Deliveries are expected to start by 2026

 *subject to certification approvals 

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