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Defining the Future of Transportation for the Next 100 years 

The ASKA™ A5 flying car is the first in the world drive-and-fly electric vehicle with Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) and Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) capabilities. 



The ASKA™ A5 full-scale prototype has successfully performed tethered hover tests and is advancing with flight testing. The vehicle began the FAA type certification process in November 2022 and has made steady progress.

ASKA A5 flying car testing 8.23.jpg

Company Overview

The executive team of ASKA, Guy Kaplinsky CoFounder/CEO and Maki Kaplinsky CoFounder/Chair COO, are serial entrepreneurs. They are visionaries with a track record of developing technology that targets strategic touchpoints for successful commercialization.

Their previous startup, IQP Corporation, was an early pioneer in the Internet of Things and was acquired by GE in 2017.

In 2018, ASKA launched and has been on a dynamic trajectory, advancing with the FAA Type Certification process. The ASKA™ A5 full-scale prototype was awarded Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Special Airworthiness Certification by the FAA.
ASKA™ has performed ground testing, over 300 miles of on-street driving tests, and successfully completed its first airborne testing. The vehicle is progressing towards the next milestone, G1 status.

Pre-orders of ASKA™ A5 launched in 2021 and to-date the company has received pre-orders of $50M.



Drive and fly

The A5 uses last-mile transport to drive and fly in the same vehicle. This is a tremendous benefit for the person operating A5, whether they are a consumer, fleet operator, emergency responder, delivering cargo, or law enforcement or military personnel.   

Aerodynamic 4 seater

The A5 is an aerodynamic 4 seater drive & fly eVTOL designed for maximum safety standards and a 250-mile flight range.   

Use Existing infrastructure

Another key differentiator is that A5 can be used in today’s environment and requires zero new infrastructure to be built. The ASKA approach will jumpstart air mobility and eliminates the need for costly air taxi terminals or electrification of existing airports.

A Company of Firsts

The company has achieved a series of ‘firsts’ in the rapidly emerging air mobility sector. 

First drive & fly eVTOL to conduct driving & flight testing in 2023

First Experimental R&D aircraft with VTOL and driving capability to obtain the Special Airworthiness Certificate as well as Certificate of Authorization (COA) in June 2023

First flying car to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas in 2023 and receive the Best of CES 2023 awards from two industry design publications 

First drive & fly eVTOL to receive DMV license plate and registration in 2022

First flying car showroom in the world 

First drive & fly eVTOL maker to sign a Space Act Agreement with NASA to advance its participation in AAM National Campsign, jointly organized by the FAA in 2021

First company to start the type certification process with the FAA’s Certification Engagement Branch as a drive & fly eVTOL in November 2022

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