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ASKA a major highlight at CES 2022

flying car

During CES 2022, January 5-8th in Las Vegas, we shared exciting updates about the ASKA™️ eVTOL drive and fly vehicle.

Visitors could step inside a full-size concept model of ASKA™️’s cockpit and dashboard and have a thrilling, immersive experience of what it will be like to drive and fly with ASKA™️. This represents a technological milestone for the air mobility sector and dramatically advances ASKA's mission to create a roadable vehicle that can vertically takeoff and fly like an aircraft.

The concept model received extensive media coverage, including this spot on NBC television:

Guy Kaplinsky, Co-Founder/CEO, comments: "CES was a real success for us because we enabled people to experience air mobility in a way that they could see, feel and touch. Attendees were very interested in our concept model of the cockpit and dashboard of the ASKA™ drive and fly vehicle and we had non-stop visits to the stand. People were excited when they got behind the wheel and saw how easy it would be to drive and fly. I think we convinced a lot of people that air mobility and ASKA™ are the future."

Maki Kaplinsky, Co-Founder & Chair/COO, Chairman states: "Our showcase of groundbreaking technology at CES sent a clear message that ASKA is a leading innovator in the air mobility sector. We're proud of our engineering team's abilities to develop a very high-level concept model of ASKA™'s cockpit and dashboard and to advance the design of our subscale model of the vehicle. We are well positioned for full-scale flight testing in 2022."


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