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Maki Kaplinsky, ASKA CoFounder, Chair/COO, speaker at NEPCON

Maki Kaplinsky CoFounder Chair COO of ASKA flying car

Maki Kaplinsky, CoFounder, Chair/COO, was a featured speaker at the NEPCON Japan, Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo, in Tokyo, Japan. Maki explained how the ASKA™ A5 drive & fly electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle revolutionizes the future of mobility, on the road and in the air, and the way we live. Her presentation included a recap of the exciting debut of a full-scale version of ASKA™ A5 at CES Las Vegas in January 2023. ASKA™ A5 received tremendous response from attendees and media who watched the vehicle transform from the drive mode to the flight mode by fully opening its wings.


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